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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 14, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. chaos and panic as a luxury cruise ship runs aground off the coast of italy. at least three people are dead. thousands of passengers are evacuated. some jumping into the sea. it's been described as a scene straight from "titanic." we'll hear from one american who managed to escape. the deep freeze. snow blankets the midwest and northeast overnight. as that storm moves out, strong winds and a vicious, biting cold move in. temperatures are plunging 30 degrees in parts of the country. so how long will this last? on the edge. look at this video. a mother and her two children trapped in this mangled car as it teeters over the side of a bridge.
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below them, a 100-foot drop. how they survived? and just what helped them is nothing short of miraculous. and this is big. the mystery of the royal puppy. william and kate spotted with a brand new friend. is this the latest addition to their family? tongues and tails are wagging this morning. good morning, everybody. can we pull up the video from the cruise ship? it's incredible. look at this. it's resting on its right side. this is a luxury ship. the well-heeled people on board were dressed up in their finest clothing in the first course of dinner when chaos erupted. >> three fatalities that we know of as of now. one survivor saying that they
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could have possibly been avoided if the crew reacted differently. the search for the missing montana schoolteacher who vanished on her morning run. it ended with the worst of news. now two states away, one man in custody, another being questioned with her death. we'll have that story. >> what a lot of people were fearing. a milestone this morning for oprah winfrey and the girls at the school she founded. that is her just moments ago giving an emotional speech at the first graduating lass at her leader ship academy there in afri africa. >> 72 girls graduating. and a shocker in the world of celebrity chefs. there are reports this morning that paula deen might have type ii diabetes. what does that mean for her? and the industry? we'll have details coming up. >> a big controversy in the foodie world. we'll get to that in a minute. we'll start with what one passenger said looks like a scene out of "titanic." a luxury cruise ship running aground off the coast of italy. thousands were evacuated.
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some people panicked and jumped overboard. at least three people are dead this morning. right now, rescuers are searching the waters for survivors there. abc's lama hasan has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. even at this hour, rescuers are going from cabin to cabin, trying to find survivors as the cruise liner began to tilt steeply, almost capsizing overnight. it's major operation. five helicopters were deployed. divers had to scour the water looking for missing passengers. abc news has learned that the u.s. embassy has established an emergency response team. there were at least 80 american vacationers on board. they're being taken to safety in rome. plunged into darkness. a dramatic rescue operation. helicopters hovered close to the ship, looking for survivors. plucking at least 50 passengers to shore. as dawn broke, you could see clearly what they were up against. this video from republica tv
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shows the liner almost submerged in water. the luxury cruise ship ran aground 18 miles off the coast of tuscany with 3,200 passengers and 1,000 crew members on board. water came racing through the hull. it was a race against time. passengers describe the scene as pure chaos. >> everybody was screaming out. all the passengers were running up and down. >> reporter: some vacationers panicked when the ship began to tilt, scrambling to get to safety by jumping. but they died trying to escape. >> we jumped in the sea and we just swam. and luckily, there was an island near us. >> reporter: they were ordered to put on life jackets and get into life rafts. according to some survivors, they couldn't get into them because the cruise liner was tilting so much, the boats couldn't be dropped into the sea.
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most of the 3,200 survivors were taken to shore on a nearby island. many passengers were having dinner. they were initially told the ship had electric problems. >> they said stay calm. it's nothing. it's an electrical problem. or some blackout thing. but the ship was already tilting. >> reporter: the 951st ship. equivalent to just over three football fields, set out for an eight-day mediterranean cruise. a dream vacation for many that quickly turned into a nightmare. passengers complained the crew failed to give instructions on how to evacuate. it probably slowed down their response to this accident. a full and thorough investigation is now under way. >> we're going to speak to one of the americans on the ship. lynn kalen from washington state was on the ship and she joins us
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from italy on the phone. thank you for joining us. the first question i have to ask you is, how are you feeling right now? >> i'm very shaky. i can't describe how horrible it was. there was no rhyme or reason. it was total chaos. it wasn't the passengers. no one, no one knew what to do. the captain never came on. we knew we were going down. they didn't want to evacuate the ship. they kept saying everything would be okay. it was a technical problem. >> i want to get to the details. in just a moment. but set the scene for us. the ship had just left port a few hours before, you were sitting down to dinner and then what? then kroi you heard the crash? >> we got there about 9:15. about 9:30, the crash hit. things starting sliding. we were tilting. tables falling, chairs moving. everyone trying to calm down again. and then it really hit again, so -- i got up and grabbed one of the brass poles and grabbed
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my friend. you could see things rotting on the ground. she said, we need to go to our cabin and get our life jacket on and get our shoes and socks and a coat. we did that. the things are breaking and falling on people. the doors are coming off and hitting people. the boat was slanted. people were trying to get through there. >> one american described the scene as purely chaotic. a scene from "the titanic" would you support that? >> "titanic" without the water. yes, it was like "titanic" without the water. there was chaos. >> three fatalities that we know of. do you think they could have been avoided? >> i think so. there is no reason for this. as soon as that ship hit last night, and it tilted, how can you get a ship, when it's tilted, back straight up? they should have started. and everyone is complaining about that. they should have started taking us off. they didn't know how to take the boats down.
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they asked for -- phones to try to see how they even work the -- the nuts to get us off the boat and get us out of there. no one would have been hurt. >> sounds like sheer disarray. we're happy and fortunate that you were able to get off board safely. along with your friend. we appreciate your time this morning, lynn. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you can still hear the panic and shock in her voice. understandably so. an investigation is going on as to what happened and if the crew could have reacted differently. >> you would think they would have better safety measures in place. a big story back in america this morning. a huge swath of this country is dealing with really the first big winter storm of this winter. with heavy snow, bitter cold, biting winds. "gma's" ace meteorologist is on the case. ginger, good morning to you. >> i could show you hundreds of pictures like this. snow and cold. i could tell you that overnight,
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syracuse and other snow zones got lots of snow. but it will take you heading over to the window or out the door to really feel it. january is back. vicious wind. half a foot of snow. plummeting temps. it finally feels like winter. across the northeast, folks are shivering. a friendly reminder it's january. no one is questioning it. >> i knew it was coming one of these days, you know? >> reporter: from grand rapids michigan to buffalo, new york, snow continued to pile up overnight. parts of southwestern new york remain under a lake-effect snow warning. snow was falling at an inch an hour. plows trying their best to keep pace with the rapid snowfall. in new york city, the wintry blast brought wicked wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour. winds so strong, they brought down this massive billboard on top of a major highway. this security camera catches the
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whole thing on camera. >> it thought it was a bomb or something. >> reporter: states around the great lakes have seen dramatic temperature drops. ohio, temperatures plummeted 25 degrees in one day. as the storm continues to move across the north, the midwest in in cleanup mode after this winter reality check fell on chicago. it's been years since that much snow fell this late in the season. i really think the biggest part this weekend that you'll have to look out for is the cold. most of the wind and snow is dwindling. look at the temperatures. new york, 29, 19, buffalo. 18 in flint, 6 for minneapolis. this is not the coldest air we have had for the entire season. but it's close. it will feel like it. the windchill is much lower and won't get a whole lot warmer this weekend. burlington feeling like 5 below. cincinnati feels like 10. this is not just the northeast. we do see near freezing temperatures or right at in jacksonville, 31. 27 atlanta.
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the freeze warnings in pink in northern florida, back through louisiana, and even southern texas. i'll be coming up with much more on when the cold starts to get out of here. biann bianna? >> thank you, ginger. the controversy raging in mississippi. the outgoing governor haley barbour is under fire for pardoning convicted killers and rapists. he's finally speaking out. abc's steve osunsami has been on the story from the beginning. >> reporter: former mississippi governor haley barbour defended the more than 200 pardons he issued on his way out of office this week saying he believed in forgiveness and second chances. >> i'm very comfortable and totally at peace with these pardons. >> reporter: a popular governor, he now finds himself defending the murderers and rapists that he set free. >> these powers are given to the governor by the constitution.
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i'm fully confident that these pardons and other clemency are all valid. >> reporter: five men, four of them murders who cooked and cleaned at the governor's mansion, have been set free. barbour says he doesn't believe they're a danger to anyone. he let them play with his grandchildren at the mansion. >> they're no threat to society. that's what i would say to the public of mississippi. >> reporter: one of those men, david gatlin was sentenced to life for murdering his estranged wife. he shot her while she was holding their baby. >> this was a cold-blooded, well thought out, premeditated murder. >> reporter: barbour says he understands, but that the state shouldn't be administering revenge. >> the reason we have always had the power of pardon in our constitution, we believe in the forgiveness of sin. >> reporter: the men are ordered
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to appear at hearing on the 23rd. steve osunsami, abc news, jackson, mississippi. let's go to ron claiborne with the other headlines. >> good morning, everybody. we begin with politics and "your voice, your vote." the uphill climb facing the republican candidates. chasing mitt romney is a little bit steep they are morning. a federal judge had denied a lawsuit by rick perry and three other candidates to have their names added to the virginia ballots. he said they should have applied for this before they were not on the ballot. former hopeful john edwards trial has been delayed because he has a serious heart condition. edwards will undergo a procedure next month. the condition could be life-threatening if not treated. this is the third time his federal trial has been delayed. and the u.s. marine corps is still trying to find out the person who took this video. it shows four marines urinating
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on the bodies of dead taliban fighters. the marines have interviewed the four men in the video. charges are expected to be field against them next week. they've launched an investigation into the culture of the marines. to determine how something like this could have happened. a sad ending to the search for the missing montana mother who went jogging last saturday and never came home. authorities say sherry arnold is dead. and two men are being questioned in regards to her death. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: this was not the update the people of sidney had hoped for. friday morning, the high school where sherry arnold was a popular math teacher announced she was dead. investigators said an anonymous tip led them to a 47-year-old man. he was taken into custody. >> he's being held in the williams county jail. additionally, a second male, age 22, is being detained for questioning in rapid city, south dakota. >> reporter: the two men have not been charged.
8:15 am
sherry arnold vanished a week ago while on a morning jog. massive searches turned up only one of her running shoes. her body has not been found. they won't say why, but investigators told the family they do not think sherry is alive. on a facebook page set up to help find sherry, her family thanked the community for support during this deeply sad time. arnold's school, where her kids attend classes, brought in extra counselors to help students and staff. arnold's death comes at a time when an oil boom has ballooned the state's population are out-of-state workers. nobody is blaming workers in this case. some bad apples are driving a spike in the crime. >> we own the day, they own the night. there is an increase. the night has changed for us. sherry was running in the early hours of the morning. >> reporter: the people of sidney say things like this just don't happen here. but now it has. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. and one of the inscriptions on the new martin luther king
8:16 am
jr. memorial will be changed. just a month after the monument was unveiled. it was criticized for taking his words out of context. it reads i was a drum major for peace, justice, and righteousness. it now reads like boasting. his actual words were much more modest. he said if you wanted to say i was a drum major -- and finally, about 208 million reasons to be jealous of daniel and christine bruckner this morning. the california couple collected their winnings for winning the megamillions jackpot last month. they plan to take the lump sum which will leave them with $101 million after taxes. this piece of advice, money will not buy you happiness. but it won't hurt. >> it won't hurt. i had a grandfather say once, rich or poor, it's nice to have
8:17 am
money. let's get to ginger zee. she's celebrating, yesterday, at least, a birthday. let's make noise for ginger. >> how did that make it on? oh, no. thank you. 22 again. so -- let's talk about that cold. this is the cold that i like to call vacation-insp it's the cold that you say, why do i live here? it's 20 in chicago for a high today. it will get to 40 by monday. up to 38 in new york by monday. it won't be all that long-lived. looking for the northwest to get some snow. not a ton but up in the upper elevations, you'll see accumulations. alaskan weather is in the news lately. it will still be chilly. nome has not gone above zero since december 23rd.
8:18 am
>> we'll head back to dan now. >> thank you, birthday girl, we appreciate that. now to what will be the biggest game in tim tebow's young career. a playoff showdown tonight against the mighty new england patriots. this is going to be a clash of the polar opposites. the devoutly christian tebow, a self-described virgin, going up against the three-time super bowl champ, tom brady, man who swears like a sailor and is married to a supermodel. ron is back with a look at this epic matchup. >> there are expected to be 8 billion people to watch tonight's game. that is every human being on earth. okay, maybe not quite that big. at least 40 million are expected to be glued to the tube.
8:19 am
two quarterbacks with different styles and personalities go at it. tebow versus brady. this will be huge. >> we're playing the new england patriots. we get a chance to play tom brady and bill belichick. it's another round in the playoffs. and, you know, that's exciting. >> there's a heightened sense of intensity. >> reporter: the pregame hype has been inescapable. on the cover of newspapers, magazines, and fodder for la late-night comedians. >> ladies and gentlemen, t. bowie. ♪ this is jesus christ to tim tebow, please leave me alone ♪ >> reporter: his kneeling in prayer after a win, tebowing as it's now known, has been basically woven into sports culture. he started this year as a second year, second stringer.
8:20 am
who almost nobody thought was ready for prime time. then came the miracles. a string of improbable late-game victories. and a star was born. >> i just want to thank the lord and savior jesus christ. >> reporter: but tom brady is still the man when it comes to football exploits. he's the guy with the three super bowl rings and the megamillion-dollar endorsements. >> it's amazing. tebow is more popular than tom brady. it makes no sense. brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. >> reporter: still in just three months, tebow's popularity is sky-rocketing. the endorsement deals are pouring in. one marketing firm says that the tebow brand has already surpa surpassed tom bradys. it's almost as strong as tom hanks and not quite as strong as lady gaga. tim versus tom comparisons are flooding the web. like who looks better in a hat, holding a trophy, or with their mom? none of which will matter at kickoff tonight. and don't forget, we've been here before.
8:21 am
the patriots played the broncos just a few weeks ago. the brady bunch pounded the broncos. 41-23, ouch! but if the broncos are going to win, tebow and his teammates have to reach deep into their bag of miracles. i wouldn't write him off. >> that "fallon" clip was so funny. the food world is anticipating a confession from one of the queens of southern cooking. there are reports this morning that paula deen, the queen of butter and carbs, will announce she has type ii diabetes. t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: she's been called the queen of the deep fryer. >> this won't take long to fry up. >> reporter: the queen of butter. >> you have a stick of melted butter. >> reporter: and other
8:22 am
belt-busting ingredients. the internet is buzzing that paula deen, who specializes in southern cuisine, has type ii diabetes. given her weight and the high-fat foods that are the basis of her recipes, doctors say we shouldn't be surprised by the diagnosis. >> the more fat you consume, the more weight you gain. gradually, your pancreas works overtime. you develop diabetes. >> reporter: it's been reported by "the daily," one of the food network's biggest stars, has signed a deal with a major pharmaceutical company to endorse a diabetes drug. she made headlines last summer when anthony bourdain sliced and diced her in an interview in "tv guide." he called her the worst, most dangerous person in america. he said she should think twice before telling an already obese nation that it's okay to eat food that is killing us.
8:23 am
deen responded with her trademark southern charm. >> listen, come to my house, i'll cook you a meal, if you still feel that way about me, so be it. >> reporter: a representative wouldn't confirm or deny the diabetes story. but if deen does have the disease, which over 25 million americans live with, what would it do to her reputation? stay tuned. for "good morning america," t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> and paula deen's son launched a show a few weeks ago called "not my mama's meals." which is a healthier version of his mom's cooking. the timing is kind of interesting there. >> a lot of controversy here on this one. coming up, these pictures. take a look at this. a mother and her two children trapped in a mangled car, dangling over the edge of a bridge. what happened next? some people are calling it a miracle. we're going to show you coming up. and the royal puppy mystery? is this little guy a new addition to the royal family? was this a gift from william to
8:24 am
kate or vice versa? we have the details. >> big royal news coming up. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. savings announcement. announcing big savings at the sears mlk event, like up to 25% of all kenmore appliances. plus save an extra 10% off all appliance brands with your sears card. think again. sears. number #1 in appliances. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack.
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i've been on a mission my whole life to give back what has been given to me. today, i get to see the fulfillment of that mission in white dresses. >> a proud, beaming oprah with words of advice for the first class of girls to graduate from her academy for girls in south africa. as you can see, an emotional moment for everyone involved. much more coming up. 72 girls graduated. congratulations to them. and good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, january 14th. also coming up this morning, is there a new addition to the royal family? or are we --
8:31 am
and i didn't write this. -- barking up the wrong tree? the latest mystery coming up. we have extra security in the building. not dan's. we have the world's most expensive book in our studio. do you want to know how much this is worth? >> how much? >> billions -- millions. not billions. $10 million. that's enough. >> you touch that book, that dude will mess you up. >> i'm not doing it. we're going to get to that later. we're going to begin with an amazing rescue in southern california. a fiery crash left a mother and her two children trapped in a car, teetering over the side of a bridge. dan kloeffler has the story. it's unbelievable. especially when you see the video. >> reporter: it's absolutely unbelievable, bianna. this crash so intense the car was almost unidentifiable. after surviving the crash, this young family still dangled off a bridge, waiting for a stroke of good luck and some fearless
8:32 am
first responders to save their lives. the image is terrifying. a bmw, crushed, mangled, and dangling over the edge of a bridge. inside, a mother, her 10-year-old daughter and 10-week-old infant. who miraculously survived the crash with a tractor trailer. but now, all three trapped inside. but now they dangled over the edge. it happened on this santa barbara highway. the big rig rear-ended the car, went over the side and into the creek. the driver was killed. inside the bmw, kelly and her children struggled to get out. rescue workers spent the afternoon trying to free them. >> they were all trapped in the vehicle. teetering over the edge. as we were trying to use the jaws of life to rescue them. >> reporter: then, a stroke of luck. u.s. navy seabees, who just happened to be driving the highway, and just happened to
8:33 am
have extremely helpful equipment with them. >> they got out, wanted to help. they had a large forklift with them that we were able to obtain and have them use so they could support the bmw as it teetered on the side of the bridge. >> reporter: eventually, all three were rescued and air-lifted to a local hospital. the infant, surprisingly, not hurt at all. >> i think the car seat did save her life. >> reporter: it took a stroke of luck and the navy seabees. >> just by chance they happened to be coming through. it was just good luck on our part. >> reporter: amazing of all three, that 10-week-old was in the best shape. she was properly strapped in her car seat in the back seat. had that forklift not been in the right place at the right
8:34 am
time, things could have been much worse. a lot of blessings being counted. >> dan, thank you very much. let's get back over to ron with another look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. authorities are still searching for people trapped in the luxury cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of italy. at least three people were killed and a dozen injured. after a 160-foot gash opened in the hull. more than 4,000 people have been rescued. joran van der sloot, the man suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway seven years ago has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for killing a woman in peru. he had pleaded guilty hoping for a more lenient sentence. actress heather locklear was released from a los angeles hospital. she was rushed to the hospital on thursday after allegedly taking a dangerous mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol. she's been treated for addiction in the past. and congratulations to juarina.
8:35 am
she became an american citizen yesterday. she became the second oldest person to be named a u.s. citizen. she's 101. time now for the weather and ginger zee. good morning, ron. good morning, everyone. you remember when we were talking about how snow-starved the nation had been. last saturday, look at this picture. less than 13%. it's just bare here, of the nation covered. look at it. as of now. that storm helped didn't it? maybe it didn't help. but either way, the snow is back. orlando, today, making it to 61. chicago, only 20. with haul that -- all that fresh snow, it's not easy to warm up. a fly acro
8:36 am
>> one of my favorite places in chicago is where we start this morning. lincoln park. the streets were a mess. i'm going to tell you, i had a car there for a couple of years. and then i didn't. because of that. california, you can find beauty pretty much anywhere, even in the farm fields of california. rick, thank you for that photo. >> very nice. >> you don't miss the snow in chicago? >> you know, no. so far, a very mild transition. >> wait a few weeks. it will change. >> it's a birthday present. >> it will change. now the latest royal news. when it comes to will and kate, as you know as loyal "gma" viewers, we cover pretty much everything. every party, every outfit, every hint of a possible pregnancy. and now, the latest development and this is a big one. it involves a puppy. here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: as they go for a romantic stroll on the beach in south wales, the smiling couple has a new little friend. a brand new puppy that looks like a black labrador.
8:37 am
but that's just a guess. the rumor mill went into overdrive as soon as there was a whiff of kate possible getting a puppy as a christmas present. don't forget, kate did just turn the big 3-0, earlier this week. this pooch could be a birthday present. then again, wills grew up with a beloved black lab named widget. >> my understand was that this was a bit of a christmas and a 30th birthday present from william to kate. he loves dogs, so i'm sure in a way, it was a gift for himself. >> reporter: and it begs the question. are they practicing their parenting skill on their new friend? either way, the dog is undoubtedly adorable. man's best friend is no stranger to the royal family. for centuries, dogs have been their choice of pet. >> for the royals, in particular, there's an attraction of having a dog. the dog doesn't know that you're
8:38 am
royal. it doesn't treat you any differently. you can have that relationship with your best friend, your pet. >> reporter: and they are very much members of the family. the queen is long known for her love of corgis. the breed was introduced to the royal family by her father. and guess what? her majesty likes to look after them herself, schedule permitting, of course. william and kate have said they want no butlers or servants. if this is their new pup, they have to handle all his royal duties. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> the big question here on the set, were those real dogs? or was that a sound effect of the dog barking? >> i'm pretty sure it was a sound effect. happening now, we're there for the big day for oprah's girls in south africa. and why do we have a security guard on set? here's why. to keep ron from putting his mitts on the world's most expensive book. we're going to tell you why this
8:39 am
book is so expensive, coming up after a break. mitts on the world's most expensive book. [ jill strange ] osteo bi-flex is a great product.
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at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. well, oprah winfrey says she's one proud mama today. the first class of students are graduating from her leadership academy.
8:43 am
abc's bazi kanani is there. bazi? >> reporter: dan, bianna, some great music and bright smiles here at the oprah leadership academy. it's finally graduation day. five years after the students first arrived. and the proudest of all the parents here? the school's founder. the girls call her mom oprah. ♪ dancing, on a day about dreams. >> i have been on a mission my whole life, to give back what has been given to me. today, i get to see the fulfillment of that mission. [ applause ] >> reporter: oprah winfrey knows each of these girls by name. she called them her daughters. >> i have never been more proud to know -- to grow -- and to call myself mom oprah to you
8:44 am
girls. [ applause ] >> reporter: her gift to them was a world class education at her $40 million boarding school. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: plus, lots of her time and personal attention. >> mom oprah, thank you for showing us that we're not just girls, but girls that have greater purpose. >> reporter: she expected to be overcome with emotion on this day. >> she took this and put her all into it. and i think -- i think that's real love. >> reporter: it's hard to believe these graceful young women were once girls living in extreme poverty. coming from difficult childhoods. they barely dreamed of passing high school. now, all 72 graduates are headed to college. the course of their lives is changed so that they can change the lives of others.
8:45 am
>> when you invest in the leadership of girls, you invest in the leadership of a nation. because every one of these girls is going to serve herself, her family, her community, and this country, in ways that are yet to amaze you. just wait to be amazed by these girls. >> reporter: oprah says she plans to help more girls all around the world get a better education. she acknowledged there are a lot of challenges that come with trying to run your own school. so she's thinking about sending those girls to existing quality schools. dan? bianna? >> thank you. it will be great to see what those girls do as they head out into the world. coming up on "good morning america," the big reveal. why is this security guard guarding that book? why does it cost 10 million bucks? keep it here. special snuggly softness your family loves. >> hi, i'm snuggle.
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♪ cue the mysterious music. because, as we have been telling you all morning, we have a very scary security guard on the set with us this morning. there he is. >> scary ray. >> he's breaking character and smiling. we asked him not to do that. can i touch the book? >> yes, you can. >> we have the world's most expensive book. here in the studio. the kind people at christie's auction house were kind enough to bring it over before before they auction it off. if, by the way, you have 10 million bucks lying around, you can bid on this next friday. francis is here to tell us about it. what is the big deal? what is this book? >> it's a big deal physically as well as internally. it's "the birds of america" john
8:51 am
james audubon. there are 435 hand-colored plates throughout the book. >> and it's an 80-pound book. >> they're life-sized birds. that's why it's so big. >> it's beautiful. it's big. $10 million for a book filled with birds. >> it's got intrinsic value. 435 plates. some of them go for the hundreds of thousands individually. >> who is the target market for this? who is likely to buy a bird book for 10 million bucks? >> it's going to be a hedge fund guy, i would think. to be honest. it's held its value. this thing's gone up and up and up. it's always been among the world's most expensive books. it's held that for a long, long time. it was worth $1,000 in 1827. to buy it. >> it's a good investment. >> thanks for coming in. we'll be right back. . announcing big savings at the sears mlk event,
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as we leave, security guard ray is keeping us safe here on the set of "good morning america." >> where's the book? >> he's keeping the book away from us. thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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